How can I register a tri-coloured/piebald or double dapple dachshund when it is not a recognised or

The breeding of the above dachshunds (Piebald dachshund) is already happening both abroad and in the UK- in my opinion - for what it's worth - this type of Dachshund was probably being bred back in the early 1900's as the colour breeding was popular - however the 1st WW decimated the dachshund population and E. Fitch Daglish writes in the book 'The Dachshund' about there only being one dapple remaining but which did produce a dapple in its later years - Ch. Foxsilver which apparently is behind every dapple.


Fitch Daglish goes on to talk about the 'white' dachshund and how attempts were made both on the continent and in the UK to establish true breeding strains of white dachshund. The difference being at that time breeders were enthusiasts with lots of patience although they obviously wouldn't have had the access to the genetic info of today. Still they strived to produce sound healthy dogs and colour was at the interesting stage and not obsessive like today.

In a society where dogs are often purchased as a 'fashionable accessory' and not for their breed type and characteristics - there will always be indiscriminate breeding in order to produce what the market demands - at the moment as we all know this is more unusual colours and cross breeds or mongrels as I like to call them that are a selection of crossed breeds purely for cosmetic appearance - when these 'rare' puppies make an appearance they just multiply demand out of all control which feeds the vicious cycle. My issue is that the Kennel Club is there to support the health and welfare of all varieties ensuring breeders become more responsible (ABS - assured breeders scheme) and take an active interest in what is going on within their breed. How can they then stand by and take money for the registration of puppies regardless of how it is bred, possible health issues and effectively support and encourage the breeding of odd and rare colours by including CNR (colour not recognised) in the registration process when the health and welfare issues in the production of rare and unusual colours is well known and documented. If the KC is going to accept all colours of all breeds should we not be looking at the Breed Standards and correcting them according to the practice of the KC???