American Toy Fox Terrier

'Rocky' aka Kansas Tikras Biciulis

As of 2018, I have officially renewed a partnership with Tony Johnson of the Africandawns Kennels once again after 40 years, rekindling a partnership that saw the success of a number of lovely Standard Long Haired Dachshunds with a breed type easily identifiable. Together we will campaign a number of dogs - I will be handling them at the shows, doing most of the driving now and we will work together once again to continue to breed top Standard Long Haired Dachshunds - Tony continues his interest in two other dachshund varieties, Mini Smooths & Mini Longs along with his Tibetan Terriers - puppies in all breeds are occasionally available.

Johnson & Cross' Champion Africandawns Yank Go Home - Best of Breed Crufts 1981

Our partnership also has also taken us into the world of new breeds and between us we have acquired a pair of American Toy Fox Terriers - a breed yet to be recognised this side of the pond but already being shown in Southern Ireland and Europe where hopefully they are soon to achieve FCI registered status. This fascinating breed takes us back to our days of Miniature Pinschers when we bred & owned together a Rec CC winning dog - Africandawns Willy Ekerslike in the late 70's as the TFT have a distinct resemblance to the size and stature (and possibly genetic makeup along with Smooth Fox Terrier, Manchester Terrier & possibly, Italian greyhound and Chihuahua ). We will be mating Alice to Rocky in the spring and look forward to seeing the offspring of this mating. The TFT is a USA Toy breed - and although its ancestry is definitely of UK origin it is all but unknown here. The breed has been recognised in the USA since the early 2000's with a number of top kennels producing some lovely Champions.

For anyone interested in getting involved in the breed please contact me. It will take some dedication and hard work to get this delightful companion breed recognised with the Kennel Club but that is our aim. There are already a number of TFT's in the UK so fingers crossed we can get our application in for recognition onto the Import Register List soon. Watch this space for more updates and images of puppies. Anyone currently owning a TFT who would like to register their interest in getting involved in the application to the KC please get in touch through the website.

Rocky & Alice playing tug