At home pet grooming tips

To really make the most of your regular grooming visits to Hair of the Dog it is advisable to put into place a home grooming regime so that the time and money spent at Hair of the Dog is best utilised. For example regular brushing of a dogs teeth or the use of good quality dental chews will slow the build up of tarter and help to prevent tooth decay which will ultimately end in expensive vets costs. If you are confident, it is advisable to keep a dogs nails in regular check by weekly cutting if possible - this means that the quick does not grow too far down the nail causing the nipping of the nerve and bleeding of nails when cut at lengthy periods. At Hair of the Dog we are always happy to clip your dogs nails which is something that is very costly and unnecessary for a vet or veterinary nurse to be doing. With long coated or double coated breeds it is important to keep a dogs coat free from tangles and matting - regular brushing and combing at home will prevent possible major coat removal when at Hair of the Dog - for more advice and help on home care regimes suitable products or equipment. It’l just get in touch.